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Global Capabilities

RASI has provided complete helicopters and service to a variety of locations around the globe, and is ready to meet the demand wherever the need may arise!  

We are proud to offer our customer's a one-stop shop for service of Bell medium helicopters.  Offering to you, world-class expertise with our team whose knowledge combines for decades of experience.  Our Veteran crew members have maintained aircraft while serving in the US military and bring that experience to you! 



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About the Founder

Robert A. Rice Jr.

Mr. Rice began his career in aviation while serving in the United States Air Force and maintaining helicopters.  While serving, he managed to complete his Airframe and Powerplant License.  As an A&P Mechanic, he began what has culminated in a 30+ year career in aviation, obtaining many certifications and furthering his knowledge in the industry.  He formed RASI in 2003 after realizing a need to offer complete services to Bell medium operators, while leveraging his experience and ability to source parts and negotiate with vendors to provide the best overall value for RASI's customers.

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